The Importance of Galvanised Metal for Your Gates

It’s important that your gates perform as expected, and one way of enhancing the strength, structural integrity and visual appeal of your steel gates is through a process called galvanising.

In this article, Heartlands Metal Craft, experts in the design and manufacture of galvanised metal gates, explain all aspects of galvanising and why it’s recommended for your bespoke gates.

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What is Galvanised Metal?

Galvanised metal refers to a ferrous metal, such as steel or iron, that has been coated in a layer of zinc.

Ferrous metals are metals that contain iron – and they are commonly used for the production of gates due to its strength and versatility. However, mild steels are susceptible to oxidation, meaning it reacts when exposed to moisture or oxygen, and the reaction is what creates rust or corrosion.

This chemical reaction can be catalysed in outdoor environments, meaning gates fabricated from ferrous metals are vulnerable to corrosion. Therefore, protecting ferrous metals with a material that is resistant to corrosion, such as zinc, is a great way of enhancing the durability of this material type.

Galvanising is commonly achieved by dipping the metal product in a bath of molten zinc – known as hot dip galvanising. The metal is firstly cleaned in a chemical bath to remove any build up of residue. After the cleaning solution has been rinsed off, the clean product can be lowered into a bath of zinc, which is heated to around 460°C, coating the metal in a layer of liquid zinc.

The metal is removed and left to cool, whilst the zinc coating metallurgically bonds to the steel.

The nature of the galvanisation process means that the entire surface area of metal gates are coated in this protective barrier, ensuring even awkward-to-reach exteriors are protected from corrosion.

The Benefits of Galvanised Metal Gates

We’ve previously mentioned that galvanised metal offers better protection against corrosion, however there are several more reasons why your gates should be galvanised.

Lower Maintenance

Galvanised gates have fewer maintenance requirements than non-galvanised metal gates. Firstly, they are more durable because the gates have been protected against corrosion. This durability means that maintenance acts such as repainting, repairing or replacing your gate are significantly reduced. In fact, the lifespan of galvanised metal gates is typically over 50 years in standard conditions!

Even if your gate has been damaged due to impact, the galvanised protection will help stop rust from spreading.

Corrosion further affects the structural integrity of the gate, so galvanising your gate should be a priority if you’re looking for reliable strength and security across the lifetime of your product.

Weather & Corrosion Resistance

Galvanising your gate is the only choice if you’re looking for continued performance in outdoor environments. Without galvanising your gate, even zinc coating primed gates will be susceptible to rust and corrosion. This risk only increases as your gate ages, or becomes damaged with wear and tear – allowing corrosive elements to penetrate the metal.

Even metal gates that have been powder coated are susceptible to corrosion, as water will inevitably penetrate the coating and cause it to peel without the galvanised layer.

This results in a less-than-desirable finish, which will require ongoing maintenance to preserve the original appearance of the gate and more intensive gate refurbishment should the structure of the become affected.

Powder Coating for Visual Enhancement

As the galvanising process adds a silver layer of zinc coating that may not be desired, you may be looking for a more bespoke finish on your gates. Handily, galvanised metal gates are appropriate for a process called powder coating. Powder coating involves spraying a dry powder onto the surface of the metal, where it cures and hardens to form a durable coating. Powder coating is available in a wide range of colours, ensuring you can achieve the appearance you desire for your home or property.

Application & Versatility of Galvanised Metal Gates

Galvanised gates are perfect for all types of applications, and are frequently chosen for both residential and commercial applications, as seen here. Even the finish found on galvanised gates can be quite a popular choice for commercial and industrial applications.

Residential Properties

Galvanised metal is not simply an industrial process – it’s an everyday occurrence, even for residential properties.

Galvanised steel gates allow you to meet the aesthetics of your home with all types of styles, finishes, and colours achievable once coated to your desired choice.

They’re a low maintenance solution, offering peace of mind regarding the security of your home for years to come, and meaning homeowners don’t have to spend their time performing maintenance tasks.

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Commercial Properties

For commercial properties, galvanised steel gates are the recommended solution.

The substantial lifespan of galvanised gates ensures your gate will be in place for an extensive period of time. This is important in terms of securing and protecting your property by discouraging any anti-social behaviour.

Galvanised gates further contribute towards establishing a good first impression of your business for customers; these structures will retain their appearance and integrity over time.

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Choosing Galvanised Over Non-Galvanised

Galvanisation is the evident choice when deciding between galvanised and non-galvanised metal gates.

For greater security, longer lasting performance in outdoor environments, lower maintenance requirements, and overall cost-efficiency, galvanised steel is advantageous in all ways. This additional process in the fabrication phase saves time, money, and stress in the long run.

Heartlands Metal Craft would always recommend galvanised gates over non-galvanised gates. This is why we provide our customers with a Quality Promise that their steel gates are protected by our professional galvanising process.


View our gallery showing some of our wrought iron gates that have been galvanised.

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