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Supporting our customers throughout the design, manufacture and installation of their automatic gates is our top priority.

But your support doesn’t stop there – Heartlands Metal Craft can provide ongoing support of your gate systems with professional servicing and maintenance.

Our maintenance schedules are designed to keep our customers safe, with comprehensive visual and physical checks of electrical components, safety devices, and moving parts, as well as a reassessment of the existing risk assessment.

This is performed by our trained and capable engineers, who can provide you with a Service Record Document upon completion of your service, proving your automatic gate system is safe for use.

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Planned Preventative Maintenance

Our planned preventative maintenance (PPM) schedule is created bespoke for each client, depending on the nature of your system and the factors which could affect its condition. Generally, the schedule comprises of thorough checks performed on the gate’s components, in consideration of external factors which may have affected its performance. These factors include elements such as the environment and system usage.

For all other maintenance requirements, such as cleaning and treating your gate, we can provide to the gates’ need.

Why Does My Gate Need Servicing?

Automatic gates require servicing to ensure they remain in a safe working condition year on year, keeping your property protected.

Planned preventative maintenance also helps you to avoid costly repairs or replacements that would occur should the gate become damaged following unsafe operation or a lack of maintenance.

How Often Should My Gate Be Serviced?

Typically, an annual service is recommended for gates which are in light usage (two to three times a day). For heavier usage, it is recommended that gates are serviced twice annually or more, depending on their requirements.

The Heartlands Metal Craft team can advise you on the appropriate action to take for the servicing of your gate.

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