Different Types of Driveway Gates

With an array of gate types and styles available for your driveway, you can meet your design vision and budget while promoting the safety and protection of your property.

In this guide, Heartlands Metal Craft discuss some of the most popular types of driveway gate styles and operations for driveways. As trusted and well-established gate suppliers across the residential and commercial sector, we deliver custom gates, designed and crafted in light of your preferences.

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Materials & Styles of Driveway Gates

Whether you’re looking for something more decorative or private, there are a number of driveway gate types sure to suit your property. We take a look at both wooden and metal types of driveway gates here, as some of the most popular material choices for long-lasting and highly appealing gates.

Wooden Driveway Gates

Wooden driveway gates provide a rustic, warm, and welcoming feel to a property. They are available in a range of timber, including both hardwood and softwood to provide the look and performance required for your property.

  • Hardwood: A denser, heavier wood offering superior strength; hardwood is harvested from aged, largely deciduous trees.
  • Softwood: Easier to source and more cost-effective; softwood offers strength and durability, and can be further treated to enhance its properties.

No matter the timber you opt for, wooden gates can be left untreated for a low maintenance option which does not compromise on strength and performance. On the other hand, if you’re looking to achieve enhanced aesthetics or performance, the wood can be treated with oils, stains, preservatives or paint.

Wrought Iron Gates

Wrought iron driveway gates offer a unique and prestigious style, inspired by traditional Heritage designs. This metal gate is formed of vertical or horizontal railings featuring decorative detailing, and finished with a Polyester Powder Coating; this coating provides a hard, smooth, corrosion-resistant finish.

Heartlands Metal Craft manufactures our wrought iron style gates from mild steel, ensuring affordable prices while achieving stunning designs that stay true to traditional aesthetics. Our high-quality mild steel is durable and strong in its application, and comes with a Quality Promise as to its integrity.

Aluminium Gates

Fabricated from lightweight and durable aluminium, aluminium driveway gates can be manufactured in all styles, from traditional to contemporary designs – bringing your unique vision to life.

Aluminium offers a luxurious feel and finish, and is compatible with a range of finishing procedures to deliver the desirable colour, effect and performance of your gate in all weather conditions.

Cast Iron Gates

Similarly to wrought iron gates, the appearance of the cast iron driveway gates reflect traditional styles. The difference between the two is that Heartlands’ cast iron gates are manufactured from solid cast iron to faithfully replicate 19th century designs as catalogued in the 1897 Falkirk Scotland Sun Foundry brochure. Time-honoured foundry techniques are used during manufacturing as per production of the time.

This period metal gate is suitable for the restoration and regeneration of Heritage projects.

Framed Infill Gates

Framed infill gates are available in both metal and wood materials, and is a solid gate option which offers increased privacy and security for your driveway.

This style utilises infill material of your choice to conceal views through the gate. Infill material includes:

  • Laminated PVC
  • Composite
  • Wood
  • Aluminium
  • ERW Steel

Electric Driveway Gates

The above styles and types of driveway gates are available as both manually and electrically operated gates.

Bespoke electric gates ensure complete convenience for access to your driveway without having to exit your vehicle, and can be activated either through sensors, which trigger the gate when a vehicle approaches, or through a button/keypad.

These gates operate in a number of ways including swing, tracked and cantilever, for compatibility with your space and intended use.

Swing Gates

As the name suggests, these gates swing open onto or out from driveways. Swing gates are available as either single or double leaf.

Tracked Gates

Tracked gates are a type of sliding gate, which glide along a track to open and close. The track typically runs across the opening and behind a wall or fence on the driveway.

Cantilever Gates

The function of a cantilever gate is similar to a tracked gate, as this is another form of sliding gate. However, cantilever gates do not require a track; instead, it is supported by a counterbalance and runs along two sets of hidden carriages to operate.

Other Types of Gates

Side Gates

For those seeking a complete gate set on their property, our driveway gates are complemented by side gates, which restrict access down the side of a property. These gates tend to be higher than driveway gates in order to provide the security needed.

All of our gates are available in coordinating designs, styles, and finishes.

Garden Gates

Similarly to the side gate, Heartlands Metal Craft can supply garden gates in coordinating designs for cohesion across your whole property.

Our garden gates are perfect for residential gardens, and can be provided as part of the driveway set to ensure uniformity across the property. They moreover establish property boundaries and are perfect for keeping small ones or pets safe within your outdoor space.

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